CA'AU (California Gold)

by Blue Genes

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the songs on this masterpiece marinated for a year and a half simmering with all kinds of sauces mixing and strange bubbles surfacing and bursting finally solidifying into the concept of California Gold (CA'AU).


released December 14, 2015

recorded by Chris Hughes at ex'pression college in Emeryville
mixed by Chris Hughes
mastered by Coast Mastering



all rights reserved


Blue Genes Oakland, California

We Rock.
Or else.
I wail...

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Track Name: CA'AU
I'm headin' west blindly into a blood red sunset
I wanna meet my wild side gotta repeatin rifle by my side

Ya I'm gonna manifest me some destiny
you'll know what I mean
Ya anyone else give it up or else ima gun you down
Blood on the ground
Cuz I want all
all the gold
(n maybe your soul)

Ya n I staked my claim lookin' for the vein
I lit my last match so dynamite prove me right
Ore of the motherlode, god damn, what a sight

Ya I'm gonna manifest me some destiny
you'll know what I mean
Ya anyone else give it up or else ima gun you down
Blood on the ground
Cuz I want all
all the gold
(n maybe your soul)

cuz pacific mists hid Andreas frailty until she unzipped her size six

Ya I'm gonna manifest my own destiny
Anyone else get outta my way
Ya cuz I want it all
I want it all

Ya I want it all
All the gold
Track Name: Big Wave Comin'
i was on the shore watching the waves come n go
thinkin' 'bout gluttony blood-money gold greed n oil
cuz i lost my mind it cost my soul tryin' to I Me Mine
pieces of the American Dream outta California

cuz competitions grizzly there's just not enough for everyone
water's rare as you stare it evaporates into
starlight on a silver screen
dreams like

while I was on beach playin' make believe
with standing' hands of time mine made castles outta sand
Track Name: Diggin' Down
Ya well I'm diggin' down deep
Wanna make the earth bleed
Gonna make that oil sing

Ya letter burn she pendant
Like an engine idol you got ah rev' it
Like a sex machine you know it don't work alone
it needs your gasoline, you know what I mean, baby

Ya I'm diggin' down deep
Wanna make the earth bleed
Gonna find that gasoline
{here it come now}

Men in denim cushion the grow op
Men in denim hackin' down all the old growth redwood
Men in denim they saggin' but ya shoulda guessed they packin' heat
Well maybe we all dug a little too deep
and awoke a beast
Track Name: Loosin' You
well I guess i gotta get so obscure that I finally disappear
n all i wanted your focus 'stead I'm left here suckin' your attention
but don't worry cuz i think i'm pretty good at caring for things
but all my friends been tellin' me that everything i touch I destroy

ya so can i keep you or am I loosin' you
ya i ask can i keep you baby or am i gonna loose you?

cuz ya see i'm tryin' to build me up a whole new kind life
It's gotta make up for all the mistakes of my past lives combined
cuz i think i'm pretty good at building things
but lately it seems that everything i touch, they just fall apart

ya so can i keep you in one piece or am i loosin' you
i say can i keep you baby or am i loosin' you?

i couldn't bear the thought
i couldn't take it
no no no
all alone n this desert
with no water
Track Name: the Riff't
yoooo jus' chill
yo I can't take all this no mo'
ya jus' chill
you know i feel you

jus' chill bra
please take it easy
it's all too hard
know, we all wanna know what's goin' on
but don't you go making believe on me

don't you make believe if ain't true to you

there's too much violence in the streets
too much shit goin' on it frays me
i can't even cut through mix
this shit so loud it's crazy, it's fuckin' bangin'

going down daily in the bay where we do things our way

like the way the sun set ya the sun goin' down
through the golden gate
look at all the pearly lace
don't it look like a face?
there's some eyes baby
it's the most beautiful thing i ever seen

so jus' chill bruh
jus' chill
ya know i feel you O i do
iz goin' down iz on, now
iz goin' down u know round town
driving round take a left take a right take a left
then i'm outta sight i'm gone
on the freeway like a comet flying through the sky so high
what now is goin' on
some shit iz goin' down
maybe the earth is openin' up
gonna split
cuz it's the riff't openin' up under your feet
gonna swallow you whole
bring you down below
and that ain't nowhere you wanna go

look at that, all the colors
comin' on

the sun's goin' down
Track Name: r.i.p. Pluto
holy shit
I woke up today the last i saw i was it was me that was the ninth ring
then came a radio wave musta come from the third round
guess it knocked me down cuz now i'm just a lonely frozen rock

but the stars ya they watchin' me
they must know somethin' i don't

you wouldn't even believe
they're kickin' all kinds of shit at me tryin' to undress all my secrets
ya they even lookin' up my dress guess they know enough about
mercury venus n mars ya even cassini's seen saturns ring

while the stars they watch patiently
just fallin' to pieces daily

ya ya ya what now
ya when's it gonna be my time when will the stars shine on me and mine
cuz the pluto that chu know he's just a dirty rock chillin' in my scotch
ya dissolvin'

like the stars they die
ya they come apart
so that we might live a little bit

alrigh' now goin' down

ya cuz i'm the devil
n i'm gonna take ya down
I wanna own ya
I wanna take control
I've come for completion
I won't stop until i come
'till there's nothin' I won't know
ya nothin' i ain't gonna own
cuz ya know i want it all

the stars they got to know
i wanna know what the stars know
they so old
me down here on earth maybe i got a hundred years
Track Name: Broken Momentum
ya well I saw sex a hint in your lips
ya wanna get down right now

then she walks away
i'll probably never see her again

but that butt how can i forget?
cuz you know she even mighta winked at me

now the beast is out of it's cage
ya she escaped like a snake

the animal in me wakes up n i start loosin' sleep
ya know broken momentum

cuz i wanted what i couldn't have

then she look at me when i was feelin' hungry
breaking in to my momentum
Track Name: Gnarly Bark
ya here she come now

well i got this bad bitch name' cinnamon
she take care o me
n i love to watch as she go down, down
down on me

well she got her red dress on
i wanna take it off
she got her lipstick on
all i wanna suck it off
she got a red dress on
i wanna rip it off
ya she got that lipstick on
ya iiii wannnna!

do ya wanna
do ya
do ya wanna come with me?

do ya wanna
do your worst
ya do you wanna smoke weed with me?
Track Name: Rainbow Alley
well the tunnel at the end of the road
with every known color
and i know cuz when i was alive
my eyes saw
what did they see?

those red roses blossom in the sky
while the orange sun was sittin' on her yellow fence
stealin' the green remnants my jealousy left behind
from wanting to be a beautiful as the blue sky
as beautiful as the blue sky
that indigo let fly after seeing violets' reprise

my end has come so 'scuse me if i cry
but i'm moved to tears by the beauty of my
rainbow alley