Back Then, When I Took Myself Too Serious

by Blue Genes

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This little album was recorded in the fall of 2013 in a cabin in the woods on the edge of the glorious redwood forests of Northern California. It was finished in the spring of 2014, and then delayed for no real reason, except maybe a season.

Thanks to my grandparents for the electricity used to make this a permanent piece of history.


released July 10, 2014

Tone Mill'r - wrote the songs, played the songs, recorded the songs and mastered the songs.



all rights reserved


Blue Genes Oakland, California

We Rock.
Or else.
I wail...

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Track Name: White Russian
One Two Tree Four

Well I found my white russian
And I drink her down every night
But my trouble with love is, you can never get enough

Cuz if she's my heroine
Then tell me why this needles in my arm
God tell me, please, why?!?

One cigarette begets a million more
No you cannot stop, you can't ignore
Cuz you're playin tug o war with the devil

You were skiin' down the mountain side
Then an avalnache buried you [alive]
One look that's all it took

Nothin' is ever the same
E'cept change, ya huh
I can feelin' it jinglin' in my pocket, each coin the same

[Giddy Up]

A spiders' spinnin' the web you're caught in
Ya, that all your times wrapped up in
Track Name: Sepia Tones
The trees are sheddin' their dead brown leaves
Things are feelin' colder the winds pickin' up steam
If I could just focus, for a moment, I would behold

All of this beauty layin' before me
In such near purity
Of things as they should be
If only...

With the flick of a bic, it all burned down
That sweet little town that we'd come from
But it's captured in a picture, it's cased in amber
Like my memories

With their beauty placed before me
I am remembering
A story so good that I'll never
Ever be lonely, again...

[The Harmonica Tells A Tale]

These violent colors brought me down to my knees
Beggin' please don't let the child inside me
Die as easily, as a fallin' leaf

I saw that perfect mandala get swept away
By the hand of its creator, he made it obey
I hope that everything is purified, by the passage of time
I holdin' onto to my few, precious, memories
[Like] they're sepia tone photos
Track Name: Belief
The scented signs of relief are quite contrary to whatchu might think
One makes you remember the sun, after the fogs' come
The other makes you wonder what it is you've been holdin' onto
Then you look down, and there [tween] your fingers is a lit cigarette

There's life comin' out of these white walls tonight
So I think our American plunders will wander drunkenly away for a while to sleep
At the summit they'll speak of such concrete things
But even [gods] can blunder, cuz in the end we can't even keep

This sweet sigh of relief
When our two halves meet
Nah, the sweet sigh of relief
When our two halves meet
Nah you can't even keep...
So believe, believe, believe
I'm gonna believe in we
Track Name: Crumblin'
The government's shutdown
I feel like everything's crumblin'
Right back down to the ground

I followed those breadcrumbs
Back to where they began
I came home, with nothin'
I came home, empty handed

Then I returned to bandage my wounds
All of these bruised from abandoned
I got caught in the open
Throwin' up inches away from the toilet bowl

[It Wasn't Pretty]

My manners, if I had any
They made me clean up the mess I'd made
Instead I swept it under someone else's rug
So it's safe to say, things were neglected
Not maintained, so no wonder they started crumblin'


My hand burst through the rumble
Like I was hailin' a cab
I'd escaped capture from the all the bad I'd done
They was catchin', they was catchin' up n doin' it quick

I was runnin' as fast as I could
I smoke too much, I was a bit oughta breath
Then I tripped, and gravity, took advantage of my position
And bagged me

[Fallin' Through Time]

Man, I was stiff as a board
When they brought me into the morgue
But a spark was still lit, hidden within

[Ember Starts to Glow]

So my spirit, my spirit
Was rekindled
Ya I'm alive again
Ya I can breathe again

[Takin' A Deep Breath]

Her hand it came extending, so gracefully oughta the carriage
Her chauffier he carried us far, far away
Then me n princess we stayed

When you're a king, so high above it all
You don't notice those ants below, crawlin'

We gotta watch the decay spread
Safe in our bed(s) on the local news
Let me tell you what we saw, ima tell you every detail

From upon the hill
We saw the old order fall
Only to be reborn
From the smolderin' ashes

Ya so boys, snuff out that ember when you're through

... the end...